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Only on Sparrows: Romeo's Squad of Blazing Hot Zoo Kids

January 2018 Featured Models

Girl of the Month

Dat ass! Thirteen-year-old Cassie is providing Pooh Zoo and Sparrows content these days.  The hot little nymphet is pretty daring. Here you can enjoy one of special solo engagements.

Boy of the Month

We tried to have eleven-year-old Liam keep a little something on during his shoot, but the boy wasn't having it. He loves showing off that smooth preteen body of his, so enjoy it now.

Sissyboy of the Month

What person couldn't use a playful and obedient Sissyboy to serve and entertain them around the house? With 12-year-old Dana you'll discover a femme boy eager to please.


We do not provide nude content involving children. We have a dual purpose site that includes boy models and performers that range from 5 to 19. Those under 18 are in restricted modeling and performance sessions where no nudity or sex is involved. The older (18+ child-like) models and performers do appear in mature productions and engage graphically with channel and cam viewers. 

No children are involved in the personal companion service either. At times boy models and performers may age up and choose to start meeting men, but only once they achieve the proper age.

We ask that in the course of using our website services, that if a private, consensual, non- compensated encounter between one or more of our performers and clients occurs that it adhere to the Age of Consent laws according to the state they are physically meeting in and it is understood that  

This is being done outside the scope of our company.  SPARROWS absolutely forbids clients and performers from engaging in any act that violates the law. However, we cannot be held responsible for any activities that occur between private parties, which are arranged outside of our allowable activities. We understand that friendships and other relationships form between our performers and members. At times intimate meetings occur that may be brief, but at times have led to full-blown relationships, sugarboy arrangements, and even marriage. We have no control over such situations that occur outside of our services. We do, however, implore our performers and members to be safe and lawful in engaging in any physical acts, when they meet up. Be aware of the laws in your state or province.  


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